Social Media Jump Start


Create an online social media brand for your business and professional goals with our three-month consulting package. Receive invaluable recommendations at the end of the program to keep your social media working for you.



Are your social media accounts under-used as promotional vehicles for your business or professional goals? Have you thought about optimizing your LinkedIn for better networking, or starting a business page on Facebook, but are not sure what to put on it or how to get your graphics to look right? Do you sell products online but have never used Instagram to promote them? Does everyone in your field Tweet and talk about it, and you feel left out? The Social Media Jump Start package can take you from idle to action in three months. The team at OnlinePRWeb will review all your social media profiles and update them with inviting content and graphics. We will post to your social media accounts three times a week minimum, and optimize and tag your posts to connect with the most people. We will review your friend / connection requests, and send them out as well. In three months watch your inactive social media come to life and start producing results for you like you know social media can. At the end of the Social Media Jump Start package we will also provide you a suite of recommendations going forward, including advertising ideas, interactive media programs like Facebook Live and Live Streaming, and other good fits for you, your goals, and your social media audience.


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