Social Media Check Up


Why take chances when you’re seeking new clients / customers or applying for jobs? If a potential business partner sees something negative about you on their social media review, you may miss your chance. This check up will ensure you look your best online.



Are you looking for help on making sure your social media presence is on point? The Social Media Check Up identifies risks that could hurt your chances of landing the perfect job or capturing that new client. The check up provides recommendations for making your social media profile more professional and attractive to potential employers and clients. It includes an online search of your name, a review of all your active social media accounts, comprehensive recommendations, and two hours consultative support in solving problems, enhancing your profiles, and training. We will even look specifically at the industry in which you work and help you by recommending connections and providing tips on posting and tagging to help you use your social media as a platform. Trust the team at OnlinePRWeb to help you to the next level.


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